Dear valued client,


            Gamma Tech, Inc. has negotiated pre-established discounted prices with Teal Electronics, Inc. on ALL Teal power conditioning products. This discount is the deepest in the industry bar none.


What does this mean?


1)     The end user will experience a substantial reduction in construction material costs.


Teal units eliminate the need for the following:

ü      Expensive circuit breaker enclosure with Main circuit breaker and shunt trip device.

ü      Expensive Load-center and several branch circuit breakers.

ü      Expensive line matching transformer.

ü      Expensive Transient Control Unit.

ü      Associated conduits, junction boxes, copper wire and installation at union scale!


2)     Construction time is virtually cut in half because a Teal unit can be considered “an installation in a box”.


A)     You don’t have to wait for the bidders to factor in the above units.

B)     You don’t have to wait for the above units to be ordered or arrive.

C)    You don’t have to wait for the above units to be installed.

D)    You don’t need to have the above units inspected.


3)     Teal units can get you to “first clinical use” faster than any device on the market.


Think about this. Would you purchase a device that provided any of the following advantages?


·        Protects your investment against bad power via a built-in transient suppressor.

·        Eliminates expensive devices such as a line-matching transformer, circuit breaker panels, etc.

·        Saves you money by eliminating the need for incoming power chain installation.

·        Saves you time by cutting your room preparation time in half.


If any of the advantages listed peaks your interest, then you cannot afford to be without a Teal unit because a Teal unit does it all.


4)     The equipment supplier provides a valued added service.


A)     Single room construction will be priced as if it was a much larger job. No more complaints regarding the cost of single room construction.

B)     Construction time will be substantially reduced. You will reach “first clinical use” much faster than normally possible.


How it works?


1)     Gamma Tech ships a copy of the pre installation drawings to Teal Electronics, Inc.

2)     The end user or their architect determines if a Teal unit/s is needed and starts the bidding process.

3)     The Electrical Contractor contacts Tom Fishler, 1-262-827-9101 and provides the File Name located on Gamma Tech’s prints.

4)     Tom provides a quote reflecting the deeply discounted pricing and projected delivery schedule to the Electrical Contractor for bid issuance.


Voila! The cost and time of room prep is significantly reduced. Coupled with the other cost saving discounts, the entire job will be substantially less than what would be normally experienced.


We enjoy going the extra mile for all our customers. We want you to enjoy the savings and keep us in mind for all your pre installation needs.




Dave Moser, President




The above information may not be copied or distributed to any other individual or organization without a written consent by Gamma Tech, Inc.