Dear valued client,


            Gamma Tech, Inc. has negotiated pre-established discounted prices with Pitts Little Corporation on ALL lead shielding products. This discount is the deepest in the industry bar none!


What does this mean?


1)     The end user will experience a substantial reduction in construction material costs.

2)     Construction time is reduced because Pitts Little representatives are anticipating your call.

3)     The equipment supplier provides a valued added service. Single room construction will be priced as if it was a much larger job. Therefore, budgeting departments will no longer be concerned about the high cost of single room construction.


How it works?


1)     Gamma Tech ships a copy of the pre installation drawings to Pitts Little Corporation upon completion.

2)     The end user or their architect starts the bidding process.

3)     The General Contractor reviews the certified letter provided by a board certified radiological physicist detailing the lead shielding requirements or refers to the architects plan.

4)     The General Contractor contacts Sam Snyder of Pitts Little Corp at 1-800-680-1967 and provides the site and/or file name located on Gamma Tech’s prints.

5)     The General Contractor provides the lead shielding information to Pitts Little.

6)     Pitts Little forwards an itemized quote reflecting the deeply discounted pricing and projected delivery schedule to the General Contractor for bid issuance.



Going the extra mile for all our customers is what Gamma Tech is all about. Cost awareness and effective design is what separates us from the rest and we look forward to extending these services to you.


Best Regards,


Dave Moser, President




The above information may not be copied or distributed to any other individual or organization without written consent provided by Gamma Tech, Inc.