Pricing for concept layout and final equipment specifications drawings are listed below per modality

Concept layout drawings (AKA Preliminary) - depict equipment placement and proper clearances.
The equipment schedule lists dimensions, weights and BTU output of each device. Provided at the following rates:

Modality (Equipment Type) Code Price

Bone Densitometry






Breast Biopsy C006 $150.00
Ultrasound C009 $150.00
Dark Room C012 $150.00

Nuclear Medicine












Remote R&F C025 $250.00

Single Plane Lab



Bi-Plane Lab



CAT Scanner



MRI C036 $360.00
PET/ MR C037


PET/ CT C039 $360.00
Simulators, C-arm C042 $330.00

Simulators, CT



Linear Accelerator



Full Body Scanner



Prototypes and accessories are not billed during concept phase2.

Specification drawings (AKA Final) - include everything in a concept drawing plus Equipment Installation Requirements, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) Specifications; Elevations, Details and Structural information if applicable, and General Recommendations. Provided at the following rates:

Modality (Equipment Type) Code Price Code Prototype1 Comments
Bone Densitometry S001 $150.00 P001 $250.00 No Elevations
Mammography S003 $150.00 P003 $250.00 No Elevations
Breast Biopsy S006 $300.00 P006 $400.00 No Elevations




P009 $250.00 No Elevations

Dark Room



P012 $600.00 No Elevations

Nuclear Medicine



P015 $960.00




P018 $1,680.00

Radiography, Small



P021 $600.00 No Elevations

Radiography, Large



P022 $1,200.00


S024 $750.00 P024 $1,400.00
Remote R&F S025 $850.00 P025 $1,400.00
Single Plane Lab S027 $1,650.00 P027 $3,080.00 Some Accessories may be included
Bi-Plane Lab S030 $2,750.00 P030 $4,620.00 Some Accessories may be included
CAT Scanner S033 $900.00 P033 $1,680.00
MRI S036 $2,400.00 P036 $4,200.00 Some Accessories may be included
PET/ MR S037 $3,300.00 P037 $5,160.00
PET/ CT S039 $1,800.00 P039 $3,000.00

Simulators, C-arm

S042 $1,650.00 P042 $3,080.00 Some Accessories may be included

Simulators, CT

S043 $900.00 P043 $1,680.00

Linear Accelerator

S045 $2,800.00 P045 $4,500.00 Price includes All Accessories

Full Body Scanner

S048 $400.00 P048 $600.00 No Elevations

Accessories: Listed below are additional rates that only apply to Specifications drawings, unless otherwise noted. Multiple accessories will be automatically discounted according to bundling fees (not shown, refer to invoice). Provided at following rates:

Accessory (Equipment Type) Code Price Code Prototype1 Comments
CR or DR systems A001 $150.00 P001 $300.00 No Elevations
Daylight Processors A003 $150.00 P003 $300.00 No Elevations

Digital Systems

A006 $150.00 P006 $300.00 No Elevations

Injector Systems

A009 $150.00 P009 $300.00 No Elevations

Workstations, additional

A012 $150.00 P012 $300.00 No Elevations
HVAC units, dedicated A015 $150.00 P015 $300.00 No Elevations
Chillers, dedicated A018 $150.00 P018 $300.00 No Elevations
Radiation Shields A021 $150.00 P021 $300.00 No Elevations
Spotlights, ceiling suspended A024 $150.00 P024 $300.00 No Elevations
Power Conditioners A027 $150.00 P027 $300.00 No Elevations
UPS Units A030 $150.00 P030 $300.00 No Elevations

Patient Alignment Lasers

A033 $300.00 P033 $600.00 Price includes workstation
Water Cooled CT & PET/CT - Concept N/A $90.00     No Elevations
Water Cooled CT & PET/CT - Final Specs. N/A $300.00     No Elevations
Gamma Tech no longer offers printing or shipping service
3.  We e-mail drawings in Adobe PDF format4.
Due to the fast paced nature of this business, we recognize the occasional need for fast turn-around on urgent projects. In fairness to preceding orders, we can not move your project to the top of the queue. In order to facilitate your immediate needs, we must work after hours. Consequently, we must charge an expediency fee commensurate with typical overtime. All drawing requests that require “rush job” attention will incur a 50% mark-up in price. Your understanding in this matter is appreciated.
If expediency is required, please mark the applicable box located on the request for drawing form. Your signature IS required. If we don’t receive signed authorization, your drawings will be developed on a first come – first serve basis.
Revisions and special requests
All revisions to Specification drawings (AKA Final) will be billed at $50.00 per hour. $150.00 minimum applies.
There are no Revision Fees during the concept phase, UNLESS a major change has occured, I.E., a complete Room and/or Equipment Change. Otherwise, any necessary Revisions will be completed for a Flat Fee
2. The goal is to obtain approval by all those whom have influence. Once approved, sign off takes place, we may move forward and develop Specification drawings (AKA Final).
All special requests outside of our fee schedule will be performed at $50.00 per hour and the $150.00 minimum will apply, if a prior project quote has not been agreed to and signed.


1 : All pricing is based on the assumption that the devices listed on the project “Equipment Quote” are in our CAD system. Equipment new to our system and experience requires additional time to develop accurate prints, thus resulting in the Prototype fee.

2 : In order to obtain approval signature(s), Gamma Tech Planners will draw the room and equipment layout(s) over and over until all whom have influence are satisfied with the equipment locations and room size / shape. Only if the room location changes or if the equipment model(s) change, will a Concept drawing revision fee apply.

3 : Shipping has become very costly for us. We originally purchased expensive commercial grade printers to facilitate shipping 24 sets of drawings per day, which is no longer the case. We can no longer afford the cost of consumables, service contracts or office personnel associated with printing and shipping.  We e-mail drawings in Adobe PDF format.  Our clients may print them on 11” x 17” paper for dissemination.

Note: Reducing 11” x 17” drawings to 8½” x 11” for dissemination to construction participants is unacceptable. They are too difficult to read, create bad feelings and are not professional in appearance or use.
Note 4 : Gamma Tech will only e-mail AutoCAD files to the lead Architect. The AutoCAD drawings will be ‘Read Only’ type. Our intent is to preserve our Copyright and to avoid any liable situations. Gamma Tech will not release AutoCAD files to Hospitals, Clinics, Vendors, Dealers, Refurbishers, Brokers, Installers, Riggers, etc. without prior written approval signed by a Gamma Tech officer.
Anyone receiving any file(s) or drawing(s) from any Gamma Tech representative shall not hold Gamma Tech, Inc. or their representative(s) responsible for any errors or omissions associated with said file or drawing and upon receipt must adhere to the following notice:

          Notice to the Corporation, Person &/or Persons regarding the Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) files enclosed. Acceptance of the CADD data is based on the following disclaimer which covers all CADD data received from Gamma Tech, Inc.

          Gamma Tech, Inc. makes no representation or warranties, express or implied, with respect to the reuse of the data provided herewith, regardless of its format or the means of its transmission. There is no guarantee or representation to the user as to the accuracy, currency, suitability or reliability of this data for any purpose. The user accepts the data "as is", and assumes all risks associated with its use. By acceptance of this data, the user agrees not to transmit this data or provide access or any part of it to another party unless the user shall include with the data a copy of this disclaimer. Gamma Tech, Inc. assumes no responsibility for actual or consequential damage incurred as a result of any user's reliance on this data. Furthermore, electronic files on this media contain confidential and proprietary information that cannot be reproduced or divulged, in whole or in part, without written authorization from Gamma Tech, Inc.
          All sheets included shall be considered a complete set of specification plans and may not be separated for any purpose. Any information contained in this set shall NOT be applied to other projects. Violation will result in prosecution under the full extent of the law.

Prices listed above are current as of January 01, 2022