To REQUEST A DRAWING please use our fillable Drawing Request PDF form, then email to Please allow up to 24hrs for a response from one of our designers. Our Drawing Request Form is a useful guide to the drawing process. It contains an easy to use checklist of all information necessary to complete full working drawings.

Our drawing process begins with a site-specific conceptual layout drawing, sometimes referred to as a preliminary drawing. We will work with you and your customer during this concept phase to achieve the best possible equipment layout while paying special attention to required service, a.d.a. code, and fire egress code clearances. The concept phase is an important first step that can help reduce or possibly eliminate unnecessary revisions to the final equipment specifications drawing, which can result in costly revision charges to you.

The concept drawing depicts the equipment placed within the room layout you provide us. It also consists of an equipment schedule which displays dimensions, weight, and btu/hr output for each component.

Our drawing process finishes with a site-specific final equipment specifications drawing, oftentimes referred to simply as a final drawing. Once the concept drawing has been finalized with all parties and we have received signed approval from you and your customer, we then will move forward to design a set of equipment specifications. The final drawing will be an invaluable reference source for a project's architect and contractors to create their construction documentation.

In addition to the information from the approved concept layout drawing, the final drawing also includes general recommendations, equipment installation requirements, MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) specifications, elevations if required, details as needed, and structural information if applicable.

We will email you a PDF of the concept and final drawings at the time of their completion. Gamma Tech will only email AutoCAD files to a project's lead Architect. The AutoCAD drawing files will be read-only. Our intent is to preserve our copyright and to avoid any liable situations. Gamma Tech will not release AutoCAD files to hospitals, clinics, vendors, dealers, refurbishers, brokers, installers, riggers, etc. without prior written approval signed by a Gamma Tech officer.

For a PRICE QUOTE based on your drawing or revision request please contact the applicable designer.

Prices for concept and final drawings vary based on a number of variables such as, but not limited to, modality, complication of a particular make/model, certain accessories, the addition of ancillary devices, the reuse of existing structural and/or electrical items, expedited ETA requests*, special requests, and whether or not we have previously produced drawings for the particular equipment you are providing and/or installing for your customer**.

revision requests are a separate billable charge. The revision fee varies dependent upon the extent of the revision. All drawing revisions start at a minimum $150.00 fee.

Gamma Tech requires all new clients to prepay the drawing fee in full prior to the start of any and all work. After you have prepaid in full for three consecutive drawing projects you will no longer be required to prepay, as long as you keep your account in good standing.

* Expediency Fee: When you request your drawing's estimated date of completion to be expedited to an earlier date, we must work additional man-hours (overtime) in order to meet the more demanding timeline. While we recognize the occasional need for a fast turn-around on urgent projects, we must charge an expediency fee commensurate with typical overtime. All expedited drawing requests requiring "rush job" attention will incur a 50% mark-up in price. Your understanding in this matter is appreciated.

If expediency is required, please mark the applicable box located on the Drawing Request form. Your signature is required. If we do not receive signed authorization, your drawing request will not be expedited.

** Prototype fee: If your drawing request includes equipment we have yet to design for, it will not be in our database. This can double or even triple the number of business days required to complete your drawing. We are essentially starting from scratch; gleaning important and critical information from oem documentation, pre-installation planning guides, and oem typical drawings in order to develop your site-specific drawing. Consequently, we will charge a prototype fee to cover the additional man-hours resulting from drawing and/or converting equipment blocks, notes, details, etc. Prototype fees vary per modality. Contact your designer for a price quote. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.